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Wisdom doesn’t need to be long-winded.

Wisdom doesn’t need to be long-winded. I was in Walmart waiting on a paratransit bus and watching these to Walmart employees a young man and woman about 20 years old having a great time stocking shelves. They were laughing and joking and I said to the woman you really look like you enjoy your job, and her reply was priceless. She said”I enjoy myself.” And She said it like she wasn’t talking about having fun necessarily but was referring to how much fun it is to be her. If you can enjoy “yourself” no matter what you’re doing that would make for a happy life. Enjoy your self. Wisdom in just a few words.


Only One 

There is only one God. It goes by a lot of different names especially these days. Whenever you want to talk about God you have to use metaphor. Metaphors come out of culture the cultures are different so the metaphors are different. Then we waste time fighting over who’s metaphors everyone should use. It seems to me the squabble is causing us to miss the point. It is as if we were fighting over a flavor. Let’s say we both had a slice of the same orange. You have your experience of the orange and I have my experience. You explain your experience your way and I explain mine in my way and then we decide to have a fistfight over who’s explanation is the best. Meanwhile the Orange is sitting over there thinking it aint about any of that, it’s about the enjoyment of the experience of me. So if God was sitting on a cloud somewhere he would have to be thinking, there they go again letting the egos lead them to a place where they can’t remember that I love them both equally and how ironic is it that they both claim to be having this fight in my name. 

We humans are a diverse group. Diversity is one of our strengths. But not being able to accept the fact that we are diverse causes us problems. It causes us to not recognize that people outside of our circle might not see the world the same way.  I heard a story about this tribe in South America that did not have access to clean drinking water. What they did is somehow they figured out that if they had the women to this particular roulette and then spiff their saliva into the water it’s sterilize the water and they could drink it. 

An Expanding Idea of One

Back in days long before history we were at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves that we didn’t understand. Forces that seemed much bigger than us, and even at times hostile, such as thunder, lightning, storms of all kinds,the sun, stars, wild beasts and many others. These forces formulated our earliest ideas about God. Since we feared them we worship them. It seemed like they had more control over our lives than we did. As we began to understand some of these forces our knowledge expanded and our idea of God expanded. The idea of many Gods each governing a specific thing gave way to the idea that there was one God that governed all things. Even with this expanded idea of God if we thought about where God was it was always outside of us somewhere out there. Then along came sages like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohamed, Krishna, just to name a few, who entertained the idea that God could be accessed from within.

This makes sense because if God is everywhere God has to be within us and if God is everything then God is manifesting as us.

What these sages were trying to get us to realize is that we don’t need to go anywhere to find God because if God is everything then God has to be within.

But we still feel like God is out there somewhere.

Here’s a possible explantion. As energy beings our existence does not stop at what we consider to be the boundaries of our bodies, there’s an energy that we radiate and that energy extends Beyond the boundaries of our bodies and extends on out into infinity.
Source is infinite so God within us as us is also outside the boundaries of our body and goes on forever which could explain why it still feels like God is out there because we exist outside of the boundaries of what we consider to be ourselves. Part of the inside of us is out there everywhere. The physical part of our world is more obvious to us than what generates our world. If everything is connected together like they say quantum physics then everything is everywhere at once. Since we are a part of everything then we must be everywhere at once. It’s just that we are not as aware of the part of us that is outside of our physical bodies. 

Once we have transitioned into the One,, minus our body there remains nothing but the Angels of our better nature, all the crud we leave behind and disappears because we are the only one’s holding onto the crud in the first place and God is all good.

Notes on Faith

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not (yet) seen (Hebrews 11:1, KJV). 


To believe to the point of knowing that God’s possibilities are infinite so there is always a solution to any problem.

If faith is embracing the notion that there are things possible that we are not yet aware, and that there is an infinite Field of possibility that is always available for whatever is needed then it is up to us to figure out how to access it.


We must be in a relaxed state in order to enjoy the benefits of God’s blessings, ironically though tough times cause us to be an agitated state where it’s harder for us to recognize that God is always with us. This is when ego takes over and more often than not makes a mess of things. Faith is a useful tool to help avoid that.

Here’s the definition of faith from the Bible.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not (yet) seen (Hebrews 11:1, KJV). 

 The Bible definition of the word hope is expectation and the word substance means that which stands under. So Faith is that which stands under what we expect. If we have an expectation we have a vision, that vision is seen by us but not yet seen in the world. The substance from which the vision will manifest is unseen yet the evidence is everything that we do see.

 When we realize that there is more than we can see and what we can’t see is the substance of which our all manifestation is comprised, then we come closer to the image of that which created us.

Faith helps us to attain that relaxed state in which we can enjoy the benefits of recognizing God is our existence.

Faith is leaving a hole in my doubt so Spirit can get in there and solve the problem, because Spirit is infinite within any space.
It’s a paradox that all of God is within you and God is all of everything everywhere, and, everything everywhere is infinitely within all of everything else, ergo all of God is within you. There have been many who for centuries have been trying to convince us that we are all capable of miracles, but we admire them instead of emulate them as they intended.

For centuries we have looked at God as being outside of us instead of within as so many spiritual leaders have been trying to tell us. It’s interesting that when circumstances do not favor us we tend to try to change them on the outside. Because of the structure of the universe and its holographic nature everything that is outside is duplicated an infinite number of times within us, so

. . We change within first and see what effect that has on the circumstance outside.

The way pride is a good thing is if it is expressed because God chooses you as a vehicle through which to express whatever it is that you are now proud of.
Use faith to fight your fear.
Let Faith burn a hole in my doubt so that God can get in there; because God is infinite within any space
Faith is knowing that whatever is going on is what is supposed to be going on and there is positive benefit to be found there. A silver lining to every cloud, some clouds are all lining.
It’s all right whatever it is!
If you can forgive everybody and everything then you can live without distress 
Every external thing can be accessed from within.
Intentions effect on ether

me critics of faith have argued that faith is opposed to reason. In contrast, some advocates of faith argue that the proper domain of faith concerns questions which cannot be settled by evidence. This is exemplified by attitudes about the future, which (by definition) has not yet occurred. Logical reasoning may proceed from any set of assumptions, positive or negative. In this view, faith is simply the selection of a positive assumption.(Unknown author)

Volitionally, faith implies a resolute and courageous act of will. It combines the steadfast resolution that one will do a thing with the self-confidence that one can do it.(Unknown author)

Faith is knowing that there is evidence you haven’t found yet

Infinite Resolution 

Everything in the physical world is compartmentalized to some extent all the way down to the very smallest particles. It is bits of things that make up larger bits of things and so on. But is there a place beyond all that out of which even the smallest particles manifest, an Amorphus oneness (onethis) that has no parts, is intelligent, moving and creating with in itself? 

Everything creates, even rocks create. You might ask what do rocks create? Rocks create sand eventually. And the sand may turn into a mountain and then more rocks. 

Since energy can’t be created or destroyed everything is in a perpetual state of re-creation. 

There is an energy that constitutes consciousness individual consciousness as well as the One consciousness that all individual consciousness has access to. If energy can’t be created or destroyed what happens to the energy that constitutes our consciousness?It can’t cease to exist so something happens to it. Maybe we are like bubbles where individualality is defined by our boundaries. What is inside is the same as what’s outside except for defined by boundaries. When we transition it’s like the bubble pops and what is inside disperses into what is outside.            Or like when a raindrop hits the ocean it’s no longer defined by its boundaries so It loses its individuality but is now one with and a part of the power of the whole Ocean. Infinite resolution no boundaries, no longer being a PART of it All but being it All.

The Wind

I wrote this poem about two years after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.The name Keith is Gaelic and it means the wind. 


 I am the wind

That is my name

I Used to span from a gentle breeze

Right on up to a hurricane

But lately the span hasn’t been that great

With less to use I hesitate

I guess  what now must be my goal

Live less from body and more from soul

The Light Warriors

Love yourself

Why do you have to love yourself to love anybody or anything else? Because according to Quantum Physics the entire universe  is within you.  So you have to love all that is within.  If you don’t then it’s impossible to truly love anything because all  that is outside of you is actually within. So loving yourself is the easiest way to start loving  everything else.