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Love is creation

January 5, 2016

Love is creation. May we always be aware of what we create, because there is no limitation to creation. We are creating all the time. The only limitation is the amount of good we create for ourselves and our fellow human beings. By being unaware of what we are creating or even that we are creating we can create things and situations that we donʼt want.Without this awareness most of us tend to create from a place of fear and lack, so what we create is fear and lack. If we are vigilant about creating from a place of love all good things are possible, because if God is love and God is everything then love is everything and we would be creating love from a place of infinite possibility and abundance. 

Godʼs love is infinite,all encompassing and everywhere all at once, we are most aware of it when we can feel itʼs movement, therefore we must give it away to feel it come into us. Itʼs kind of like creating a void that is immediately and always filled by God. In this case we feel a constant sense of circulation of Godʼs love in around and through us, and, when we give it away we are giving it back to ourselves and God because God is everything including us. 


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