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Mission Xmas

December 25, 2015

I’m having a reflective Christmas day. I am pausing for three minutes every hour to reflect on what Jesus’s mission was. To show us how much potential we have when we surrender to something bigger than ourselves.
Goethe said “It’s not until the moment that you are committed that providence moves with you. People, opportunities and material events are available to you. So if you can dream it, you can do it so begin it. Because that boldness has power, passion, genius and magic and it”.
 There are several versions of that quote, that’s the one I like best.
Individuals can be committed to a particular cause connecting with the energy of that cause and find themselves realizing results that are beyond their initial expectations. Jesus Christ, Buddha and many others that did or didn’t get as much press had a commitment to love All things. Love is an intimate connection therefore they had an infinite connection to all things. This intimate Connection to all things increased their range of possibility within the infinite field of possibility that exists everywhere all at once.

The increased range of possibility plus their ability to activate people’s belief allowed them to accomplish things Beyond what the rest of us expect is possible.

So I sit here reflecting. Attempting to pull the good out of the darkness that is just beyond my light. For that is the expansion of my territory that I can give thanks for.


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