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Infinite Resolution 

May 26, 2015

Everything in the physical world is compartmentalized to some extent all the way down to the very smallest particles. It is bits of things that make up larger bits of things and so on. But is there a place beyond all that out of which even the smallest particles manifest, an Amorphus oneness (onethis) that has no parts, is intelligent, moving and creating with in itself? 

Everything creates, even rocks create. You might ask what do rocks create? Rocks create sand eventually. And the sand may turn into a mountain and then more rocks. 

Since energy can’t be created or destroyed everything is in a perpetual state of re-creation. 

There is an energy that constitutes consciousness individual consciousness as well as the One consciousness that all individual consciousness has access to. If energy can’t be created or destroyed what happens to the energy that constitutes our consciousness?It can’t cease to exist so something happens to it. Maybe we are like bubbles where individualality is defined by our boundaries. What is inside is the same as what’s outside except for defined by boundaries. When we transition it’s like the bubble pops and what is inside disperses into what is outside.            Or like when a raindrop hits the ocean it’s no longer defined by its boundaries so It loses its individuality but is now one with and a part of the power of the whole Ocean. Infinite resolution no boundaries, no longer being a PART of it All but being it All.

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