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The Light Warriors

April 21, 2015

Paramahansa Yogananda  Mentioned in one of his posts “If stones from evil minds are cast at me let me send in return only missiles of Goodwill”. I had a  similar thought. I was watching a show called Outrageous Acts of Science. This guy took a satellite dish and attached about 10,000 little mirrors to it and created what he called a death ray. At the focal point of this device it could melt steel.

Most if not all of us have heard the term light worker. Everything radiates/reflects, absorbs or transmits light. We like to think of our light workers as radiating light. Whether that is actual photons or what we like to think of as spiritual light or the light of God doesn’t matter because everything is only one thing and that is God energy and many of us see  Allness with the ability to intelligently  create within itself as God. There have been some that have   had the ability to focus that light and energy with intention in order to manifest whatever was necessary for the moment.  Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and some others that were not as charismatic and didn’t get as much press. 

Now back to the satellite dish. What if we think of each of us as one of those little mirrors on that satellite dish and we focus our spiritual light or the light of love upon the elements of fear in this world? The Course in Miracles says that there are only two things Love and fear. So let us collectively focus Our light  toward a focal point that eradicates all fear and lets there be nothing left but love. Or as Paramahansa Yogananda puts it Goodwill .


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