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Infinitely Centered

April 3, 2015

If the universe is infinite  everyplace is the middle.  So we are all at the center of the universe. It’s a delicate balance finding and maintaining our own center. If we are centered, we are balanced. if we are even a bit off-center then we are infinitely out of balance.  What if we could be  infinitely centered?  so  that the  Center turns in on itself  like a black hole and creates a spiritual density that is so great that it causes the spiritual aspects of everything to be drawn to the it and the spiritual aspects of the individual to be everywhere at once with consciousness and the ability to use any of the  possibilities within the infinite field to create what ever is necessary for that moment.  We  would have access to everything, every possibility. This is the place  that I believe the spiritual leaders that we have admired have occupied. The ones that we have accused of performing miracles. They have been trying to lead us to this place for centuries. How can we help them succeed?


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