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Those pesky gremlins

March 10, 2015

Those pesky inner gremlins. 

How do we deal with them?
We either wrestle with them  
in proximity  so close that we cannot observe them in their entirety and they become stronger as a result of the exercise.
Or we ignore them rendering them invisible and exposing ourselves to attacks from directions that we cannot predict. 
Their strength lies in their  invisibility, either by being so close we can’t see them all
or by our ignore-ance. 
Either way our reaction is intense. 
Strong thoughts and intense feeling are two of the catalysts that push ether into manifestation. 
So we provide them with the very weapons they use against us, our own negative thoughts and feelings especially the ones we are not aware of or choose to ignore. 
The thing is, gremlins don’t like to be seen. So we just step back into observer position.  We don’t judge them, we don’t ignore them, we just get used to observing them. The more comfortable we become  with them the less intense our reaction when they pop up and one of the two weapons necessary for them to create chaos in our lives gets neutralized. 
So our task is to become as comfortable as we can with our peskiest gremlins thus rendering them impotent. 

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