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We extend beyond ourselves

May 30, 2014

We extend beyond ourselves in an ever decreasing gradient out into infinity. This establishes a connection to everything. We have been told that God is within. Yet we have been taught and accept the idea of looking for God outside of ourselves. I think that we sense that God is within but the density of the physical world holds our first order of attention because our spirit is housed in matter. As for this ever decreasing gradient from the center of each of us,there is a lot more of it beyond the boundaries of the matter that houses our consciousness. So when we look outside for God we may be responding to that part of us that is beyond our bodies that goes on to infinity. Considering that each of us creates our own universe we would have to be looking inside even when we think were looking outside. The problem is we adopted the idea that God is very far away from us. So we try to respond to the outermost part of our divine. Since all that is out there is within us, that puts each of us at the center of the universe if it is indeed infinite. The center of that ever decreasing gradient is where spiritual density and physical density is the greatest and is where we perceive ourselves to be. So when we are trying to connect to God, is it better to try and connect at the farthest part of ourselves or right here where our spiritual and physical density is the greatest? Choice number one would be like making a long distance call to someone standing right next to you. We would speak to them directly so speak directly to God.  God’s most intense concentration is in the here and now where the physical and spiritual density is the greatest for any individual.

I believe that everything radiates in this manner from its own center out into infinity at an ever decreasing gradient and that is how everything is connected together. I believe that potential also has radiation similarly, although I believe the  energy of potential is consistent throughout the universe. If there are an infinite number of alternate universes which is something that is been proposed by quantum physicists  all those universes would account for every possibility and what is potential to us or any other universe  is something that actually exists in one of the alternate universes . They are all connected together because they are all radiating energy. If we can become aware of their particular frequency of radiation then we may be able to tap into what would be potential for us because we are responding  to a particular radiant frequency that would be a reality for that particular universe because it exists at the center of  what is creating that  particular radiant frequency. 

 I think that one way to start facilitating a connection to a particular universe would be through the use of visualization. Visualize the situation as you want as vividly and specifically as possible. We do this in order to create the feeling that we would have in the situation. Because it is not just thought but thought plus feeling that gets  the best results . What happens is the radiant frequency of the visualization as thought begins to resonate with the radiant frequency of the universe where the visualization actually exists. It’s like two harmonically relevant tuning forks, you bring them within proximity of each other and one will make the other one vibrate. There is an energy between them that they share. This may be a way to tap the potential of an alternate universe that is  harmonically relevant to the visualization.
The next stage would be to become as familiar as possible with the feeling that is created by the visualization so the feeling becomes the focal point instead of just a specific visualization. The reason is that for a particular universe there has to be a infinite number of variations that could create that feeling. So instead of just focusing on and receiving energy from the particular frequency that relates to a particular universe we would be receiving energy from an infinite number of universes that could create that feeling.

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