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Riding a wave of Spirit

May 25, 2014

The fact that we live in an ever expanding limitless universe is ironic. The idea that the universe is expanding implies that there are some limits or boundaries and limitless implies that there are no boundaries.
In times of stress the only way to be receptive to answers from Spirit is to relax. It is easier for us to notice and be receptive to the will of Spirit when we feel good. Here’s where the irony comes in. For a lot of us when we’re feeling bad is when we would most like the help of Spirit but the negative vibe is keeping it at bay or at least prevents us from being able to experience the fact that it is right where we are at that very moment. This is where faith or the evidence of things unseen comes in handy. We can use that evidence of the unseen to become convinced that we are okay. Our minds quiet down and we can better hear the still small voice. When we’re not feeling good we feel like we’ve been abandoned by Spirit. But that is impossible because Spirit is everything everywhere including us. Spirit wants to whisper to us what we need. But in order for us to hear we have to quiet the noise. This is the purpose of meditation quite the noise and become more receptive to Spirit.
There are many forms of meditation some in my opinion that aren’t even considered meditation. I consider most forms of focused attention to be meditation. It could be focusing on your breath or a goal. it might be playing music, it could be playing a sport, anything that causes a person to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all other things. This can induce a state that some have called flow or being in the zone. It’s a place where you’re totally in the moment and you don’t have to think about what you going to do next it just happens. In fact there is no next there Is only what’s going on right now. It’s like you’re being guided or led. You get out-of-the-way and let something that already knows takeover and you ride a wave of Spirit to where Spirit needs you to be.

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