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Attention ~ Intention

May 25, 2014

Attention ~ Intention
Our attention is always divided by circumstances in our lives. It divides our intention to realize a particular result, we always have to come back to our intention. I believe when our intention and our attention reach a one-to-one ratio then we would be like Jesus Christ or Buddha who could manifest whatever their intention was instantly. Their attention is infinitely In the present moment which Allows them access to infinite possibilities for whatever their intention is. Their ability to to do this while at the same time letting go of the mechanism for how it’s going to be accomplished helps because they’re not limiting God’s infinite possibilities with doubt.
Our attention is so often divided by the circumstances in our lives that we tend to miss even the simple things that can connect us to Spirit, like eating and paying attention to To every aspect of the food we Have been blessed with. This is why conscious eating is a meditation. There have been some among us who have been able to give 100% of their attention to The present moment as well as whatever their intention was, they didn’t reflect or speculate they spend Most of their time in the present moment. In that moment they have access to all of existence all past all presents and all futures; everything in universe And every possibility that God is, All at once.

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