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Tiny bits of info

May 20, 2014

Everything is tiny bits of information and what we do is rearrange the smallest of bits of information we can conceive to create. The highest resolution with the bits that are infinitely small is ultimate consciousness, that which is, creates and provides the bits that everything else is made out of. We have the ability to use somewhat larger bits than what ultimate consciousness uses to do what ultimate consciousness does and that is create. As we progress the size of the packets of information that we use get smaller. Moving towards that ultimate resolution I’m not sure if that is unreachable goal or not, considering that everything moves it might just keep moving and we keep chasing. So what are we chasing is not ultimate consciousness because it only moves with in itself it has no edges to chase, it’s infinite. So what we are chasing is the farthest distance that we can see in our own potential and that is what continues to move.

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