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We are all Miracle workers

April 22, 2014

The great masters are totally in the moment; is they are able to marshal the power of the entire universe and all of the infinite field of possibility that is reflected within themselves because of the holographic nature of the universe the idea that every bit of the universe has the imprint of the whole and focus it all on one intention thereby creating miracles.

Supposedly we have the universe duplicated an infinite number of times within every bit of each of us. And every bit of that infinity within is connected to its counterpart and everything else outside of us.
What if we could activate or use all of what is within all at once? What if we could use the entire potential of the infinite field and apply it to one intention. Would we be able to manipulate time and space? And then what if we were all able to do it all at once with a common goal? 7 billion miracle workers working on the same miracle!

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