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Parallels ch 1 The Merge

December 30, 2013


Chapter 1
The Merge
Many years ago a scientist and a holy man stood back to back and started walking full Speed ahead. while their journeys Started in opposite directions and have taken such a Long path that they never realized they were on a circle. Until recently. Now they can see each other on the horizon and they are beginning to realize that they have been headed to the same place All along , just on different paths.
With the emergence of concepts from quantum Physics such as the one of which states that all things are connected to all other things. Which sounds a lot like what sages and holy men have been talking about for a while the concept of unity and that there is only one thing everything. Science seems to be embracing concepts that have been talked about by the sages for Centuries.
Many spiritual communities are adopting a more scientific approach to spirituality, so much so that many Of them have incorporated the word science into their titles. The discipline called The Science of Mind revealed by Ernest Holmes or even the term Religious Science are a couple of examples. Both science and spirituality have Been asking the same questions. How did we get here and what should we be doing while we are here?

They both have tried to make sense of that which is seen As well as what is unseen, but from different perspectives. It does seem as though they are beginning to merge at some of the answers that they are both coming up with. Or maybe even science is beginning to catch up with the sages. Here’s an example. For thousands of years (;TimePassages:) the sages have been telling us that we don’t have to want for anything because we have everything we need within. Quantum physicists say that the universe is holographic in nature, which means that every bit of it has the imprint of the whole. Within every bit of us we have the imprint of the entire universe An infinite number of times. There Are many parallels between what the quantum physicists have been discovering and what the sages have been telling us for centuries.
Part of the problem is if you are trying to talk about Anything as nebulous as a deity you have to use metaphor because there are no words that relate directly. Metaphors come out of culture all the cultures are different so all the metaphors are different. The positive side of this is that Spirit was smart enough to put someone in every culture that was good at using metaphor to describe Spirit to their followers. The negative side of this metaphor situation is since the cultures are different The metaphors they used to describe God are different and then They argue over who’s metaphors are right and miss the Point that they are all talking about the same thing . Imagine two people with a slice of The same orange. they would have different experiences of the orange and they would use different words to describe their experience, but it’s the same orange.

Everything has some level of consciousness even a rock, there is some vibrating energy causing that rock to stay together therefore there must be some consciousness involved. Things that we consider alive on earth, plants animals have a higher level of consciousness than what we consider to be inanimate objects Like a rock. Humans are considered to have the highest level of consciousness that we are aware of but it is not complete. We have been given the gift of being able to deliberately make use of that consciousness which is vibrating and holding everything together. We developed an illusionary concept of consciousness that caused us to adopt the mistaken notion that we are separate from everything else. That illusion allowed us to compare things, analyze, extrapolate and create. It turns out that the illusion is both a blessing and curse. The illusion of separateness allows us to distinguish one thing from another, combine things and be creative like That which we are created in the image of. Where the rub comes in is the illusion of separateness that has allowed us to distinguish one thing from another has also caused us to adopt the mistaken idea that we are separate from everything, science has already proven this is not so. I believe that every living thing on earth with the exception of humans Only knows of its connection to the oneness it doesn’t see itself as separate from everything it has an intrinsic knowing of its connection to all. We come in the world with that knowledge but as we develop We adopt the idea of separation in order to deal with our world. We lose the awareness of our connection to the oneness. We succumb to the illusion and forget the fact.
There have been those among us who have been able to be conscious and aware of both their illusion of separation which created the consciousness that they use in order to manipulate their conscious use of their oneness connection with all things. Because of their awareness of their connection to all things they had the field of infinite possibility to use and manipulate for the benefit of all they come in contact with. We have called them miracle workers. even though they have tried to convince us that it is possible for all of us, but we haven’t been buying it. So we admire them while at the same time being afraid to try and emulate them and if they are anywhere right now they’re probably rubbing their heads in frustration. And they asked themselves how many of us have to travel to that dimension before they get it. We are way show-ers not heroes.

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