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Slow Down

September 3, 2013

I was watching a show about how the size of animals affects their relationship to their environment. It talked about how the larger animal is the longer it lives. It mentioned the largest crab which is called robber crab. They think that it’s size created a slower pace of life and that slower pace of life could be the reason that it lived so long. Up to 60 years. It made me think about this woman I was riding on the bus with who was 95 years old and my grandmother who passed on at 96. Both of them were very laid-back. Neither of them let anything stress them out. Maybe stress is akin to speeding up the pace of your life while shortening it’s Length. Whereas having a laid-back attitude slows down the pace. These two women slowed down the pace of their lives or at least their perception of the pace of their lives and thus prolonged them.

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