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Falling into Infinity

March 30, 2012

Falling into infinity
The present moment contains all that exists. The only way to truly be in observance of anything in the physical world that has any significant distance from the observer is spiritually,- because If you’re depending on sight,by the time the information from the physical world reaches your eyes you are no longer in the moment that the thing existed, it takes time for light to reach you from where and when the object actually exists . Therefore the only way to truly be in contact with anything in the present moment is spiritually. Everything actually does exist in the same moment but we can’t perceive anything in the moment that it actually exists because of the time it takes light to reach us from the object.
There is no time in the spiritual world there’s only now and in quantum physics it has been said that all parts of the universe are connected to all other parts of the universe therefore the entire universe is connected to us. It is also said that universe holographic In nature which means that every bit of it has the imprint of the entire thing. So when we hear the spiritual masters tell us that we already have everything we need they they had already felt the pholographic nature of the universe and the idea that everything in the universe is connected.
This connection allows us access to infinity and all of the possibilities therein. The irony is that this connection to infinity is very subtle and is often overshadowed by the density of the physical world. Those people who have been able to make that connection to infinity larger than their connection to the physical world are probably the ones that were capable of miracles.

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