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Universal Possibilities

March 16, 2012

Universal Possibilities

Do all the other universes exist as possibilities for any particular universe to be accessed through the use of intention and visualization

I’m looking into my head out there

I am more than I ever was, yet less than I will ever be

I feel like a kid blindfolded and swinging a stick at an animal made out of paper mache
I finally make contact
and out falls you!
Thank God!

Symbols remind us..

The faithful are optimists.

Hope is cool, but having to
have to hope isn’t, our current conotation of the word hope is a lot like wishing. The Bible’s conotation of the word hope is to be expectant.
Which is a more proactive approach.

I am really glad that it’s possible to be happy no matter what.

Did you see the future you made, or did you make the future you saw.

Let go be led by universal intention, each bit a bit of it’s own universal intentsity.
Be swept away on a wave of infinite resolution where every possibility is at hand.

Concious intention and faith are requured.

Conscious use of the multiverse
= miracles. Moving energy around amonst the universes.

Quotation #29473 from Classic Quotes:
“What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be not forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
Grief not, rather find,
Strength in what remains behind,
In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be,
In the soothing thoughts that spring
Out of Human suffering,
In the faith that looks through death
In years that bring philophic mind.”
William Wordsworth
English poet (1770 – 1850)

Turn it over have faith and miracles are possible.
It aint faith if you don’t turn it over.

The Universe works the same for every being everywhere. The difference is individual beings each have their own ways of accessing its capabilities

“Know your enemy and you will win the battle.
Know thyself and you will win 1000 battles.”
Sun Tsu

God doesn’t need to give us anything because we have it all already within us. If God is everything and the imprint of God is within every bit of evsdytbing, everything we need is already within us. We have God help
us find what we need within and then amplify it to the point that it manifests in our reality.

Einstein said the reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once, but everything is happening at once if the concept of the multiverse is correct and there is a universe for every possibility, then everything that has already happened, everything that will happen as well as anything that could possibly happen, is all happening now.

Fight 4 the spirit
thought under the thought

Got passion
It gets distracted by some of the circumstances in life
Yet it’s the very thing that makes life easier.

Psychic social network

It is like an interconnectedness of all things throughout all of time in infinite universes.

If the holographic nature of the universe suggests that I have all that I need already because every part of the universe has the imprint of the whole thing, then every part of the universe that is not me has a part of me in it because it has to work both ways.

Everyone wants to understand this subtle underlying force that sustains us. One of the tools that we use to understand things is to be able to explain or put them into words. The people who are best at using words imagery and symbolism and are charismatic are the ones that we have called safeyour…

The universe just does what it does and occasionally we are in the way.

All of the other versions of us that exist in all the alternate universes could we all be each other’s angels and demons.

Regarding the concept of an infinite amount of alternate universes; within this space that I am is occupying right now every possibility exists. Also this space would have to be not only here but every other everywhere as well.

The reason to forgive yourself is because every time you relive the incident that needs to be forgiven you are sending the same energy out to the universe that created the incident in the first place which increases the possibility of the incident recurring.

Sometimes I just want to sleep because it’s safer there

Everything is infinite within its own space.

Embrace the unknown it’s where the magic is.

People want to connect with other peoples spirit. An undeveloped consciousness like a child will connect with that spirit in any way possible. I t could be by experiencing closeness and love or by creating havoc. This could explain everything from lovers to serial killers And everything in between.

Have a career, that’s an endless topic

If the universe is holographic in nature every bit of it has the imprint of the entire thing. The larger the piece of any hologram the more distinct the picture at infinity the picture is infinitly clear and the intelligence IT IS
knows everything about itself.

If every part of the universe is connected to every other part of the universe, we are in everything, we are connected to everything and everything is in us. So when we resonate with the part of us that is everywhere and in everything, we can feel the power of the entire universe.

There is an infinity within the boundary of ones aura and considering that the intensity or the presence of of one’s aura decreases at gradient then there is an infinity relative to that.

Be like a spiritual blackhole where you are so centered in the universe that no spiritual aspect can escape from you.

My present turns out to be not quite what I expected when it was my future
I just keep getting up.

Which universe are you resonating with.

I believe that all the alternate universes trade information with each other and the parallel entities that exist in these universes trade energy as they think about what possibilities are available to them and then visualized those possibilities.
Creative visualization works because the vision is resonating with the universe in which the vision actually does exist.
The entire thing, all of it is mind and the vehicle of mind is thought energy; thoughts that resonates with particular alternate universes, it’s like a wave with a specific frequency that responds to a particular universe.

There is nothing between now and later

There is a common consciousness of shared experience for every thing, so when asking the helpers From the I Ching or Angels from a more western perspective for help, these helpers or Angels, may be the common consciousness of a particular thing coagulating into assistance and results. There is an infinity within all things and even an infinity within any particular thing, so the helpers
may be the infinite aspect of consciousness that is relavent to whatever the situation is at that particular moment. It’s like coagulated consciousness relative to any particular circumstance assisting us.
They all exist out there as potential, we convert them from potential to activity with our thoughts and intention.

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