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An Expanding Idea of One

March 16, 2012

Back in days long before history we were at the mercy of forces outside of ourselves that we didn’t understand. Forces that seemed much bigger than us, and even at times hostile, such as thunder, lightning, storms of all kinds,the sun, stars, wild beasts and many others. These forces formulated our earliest ideas about God. Since we feared them we worship them. It seemed like they had more control over our lives than we did. As we began to understand some of these forces our knowledge expanded and our idea of God expanded. The idea of many Gods each governing a specific thing gave way to the idea that there was one God that governed all thing’s. Even with this expanded idea of God if we thought about where God was it was always outside of us somewhere out there. Then along came sages like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohamed, Krishna, just to name a few, who entertained the idea that God could be accessed from within.
This makes sense because if God is everywhere God has to be within us and if God is everything then God is manifesting as us.
What these sages were trying to get us to realize is that we don’t need to go anywhere to find God because if God is everything then God has to be within.
But we still feel like God is out there somewhere.
Here’s a possible explaintion. As energy beings our existence does not stop at what we consider to be the boundaries of our bodies, there’s an energy that we radiate and that energy extends as infinitely decreasing gradient as it gets further and further away from us, but it never goes to nothing. Source is infinite so God within us as us is also outside the boundaries of our body and goes on forever which could explain why it still feels like God is out there because we exist outside of the boundaries of what we consider to be ourselves. Part of the inside of us is out there everywhere.
Once we have transitioned into the One,, minus our body there remains nothing but the Angels of our better nature, all the crud we leave behind and disappears because we are the only one’s holding onto the crud in the first place and God is all good.

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