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Duality a necessary illusion

It was necessary for us to adopt the illusion of duality in order for us to create and thereby attempt to exist in the image of the creator. It was necessary for us to distinguish this thing from that thing order to combine those things to create something else.The more we move towards oneness the more intricate our creations become. It’s a matter of resolution. Hopefully we are moving towards a point where we can feel that there is no separation between The Creator and the created.


One organism

May 24, 2016
We are a part of one organism, the universe at the macro level and the earth at a micro level. Just as you wouldn’t shove a pencil into your own eye because your eye is a part of the organism that is you, we need to take care of this organism that we are all a part of. The earth. We have little control over the macro elements of the universe. But this microcosm that we exist in starting from the center of our being and spreading out to cover the entire world we have a lot of influence over. Empathy and compassion towards every element of the organism creates a symbiosis that is a benefit to all of its parts which includes us.

Don’t worry be happy


“A course in miracles” is a self study curriculum to help bring about spiritual transformation.One of the assignments in the course in miracles is to be aware that God is speaking to us all the time. The assignment requires that we be as aware as we can that God is everything and since God is everything no matter what we are observing or what is happening God is speaking to us through it. The voice of Spirit is often obscured by our interpretation of the circumstances life presents us with. If the circumstance seems too negative or too threatening our ego takes over and it tries to run the show in spite of the fact that it’s solutions typically don’t solve any problems and often make them worse. The ego speaks in a loud voice that we can’t help but hear while Spirit whispers which requires us to be deliberate about our awareness of its presence/presents. So Spirit is constantly trying to whisper above the noise of our egos interpretation of circumstances. If according to quantum physics everything is connected to every other thing and The Universe is holographic in the nature which means that every bit of The Universe has the imprint of the whole, nothing can be 100% negative. There must be a “Silverlining” somewhere within any circumstance. That is how Spirit has rigged the game of life in our favor. Sometimes the Silverlinings are obvious other times they’re buried deep but it is our job to find them. Finding a silverlining can also help to shine light on the part of the circumstance that appears to be dark. Another benefit of taking this position is that the universe only answers in the affirmative. So it’s going to send back circumstances that match the kind of energy that is being sent out. So finding what’s positive about any situation causes us to send out energy that is more positive so the corresponding echo from the universe creates more positive results.

   I was an instructor in a personal growth course called Journeys. We often had students that brought up circumstances they considered burdensome. We would ask them “what is positive about that?” Some students would find a silverlining others would respond “there is nothing positive about this situation.” So we would suggest that they just make something up. Here is why I think that works. We are a part of an infinite field of possibility. Since the possibilities are infinite it doesn’t matter how absurd a thought is it must resonate with some possibility. Also if there are infinite number of alternate universes any thought or visualization must resonate with some alternate universe that contains that possibility.

Making up a positive interpretation of any circumstance could at least accomplish one thing; to put a person in a better feeling state so that what they’re putting out to The Universe results in a more positive echo of circumstances. So “Don’t worry be happy” is not only a great song lyric it is also a metaphysical principal that can help us attract more positive results. So let’s make Don’t worry be happy a part of our spiritual practice.

Faith and Joy

Have Faith don’t Worry

Be Happy demonstrate Joy…

What if kids learn to meditate?

What if kids could learn about meditation early in life? If our kids learn when they’re young how to slow down their perception of this fast-paced life I believe there would be less stress less angst and the possibility for more compassion.It is like when football players transition from college to the pros. They say the game is much faster but some can make the adjustment and they say the game slows down for them. The game hasn’t slowed down their perception of it has changed. Meditation can help us achieve the same result as it relates to our fast-paced lives and the earlier we can learn it the better. Kids are sponges so it wouldn’t be hard at all for them to learn how to meditate. 

Love is creation

Love is creation. May we always be aware of what we create, because there is no limitation to creation. We are creating all the time. The only limitation is the amount of good we create for ourselves and our fellow human beings. By being unaware of what we are creating or even that we are creating we can create things and situations that we donʼt want.Without this awareness most of us tend to create from a place of fear and lack, so what we create is fear and lack. If we are vigilant about creating from a place of love all good things are possible, because if God is love and God is everything then love is everything and we would be creating love from a place of infinite possibility and abundance. 

Godʼs love is infinite,all encompassing and everywhere all at once, we are most aware of it when we can feel itʼs movement, therefore we must give it away to feel it come into us. Itʼs kind of like creating a void that is immediately and always filled by God. In this case we feel a constant sense of circulation of Godʼs love in around and through us, and, when we give it away we are giving it back to ourselves and God because God is everything including us. 

Faith expands our light

I believe that faith is having a knowing that there are things possible that are outside of our current realm of possibility. Once those possibilities are realized then faith pushes the boundaries. Physicists have determined that the visible part of our universe only accounts for about 5% of its mass. That would mean that 95% of it is darkness. We have always had the association that darkness is bad, we wonder what might be lurking out there. But it’s not likely that 95% of the universe would be bad. In fact I believe it is neither good or bad it just maintains equilibrium. What our faith does by pushing the boundaries is help us illuminate more and more of that 95%.

The words in this piece are excerpts from one of my blog posts at

The post is called “Notes on faith”.

Mission Xmas

I’m having a reflective Christmas day. I am pausing for three minutes every hour to reflect on what Jesus’s mission was. To show us how much potential we have when we surrender to something bigger than ourselves.
Goethe said “It’s not until the moment that you are committed that providence moves with you. People, opportunities and material events are available to you. So if you can dream it, you can do it so begin it. Because that boldness has power, passion, genius and magic and it”.
 There are several versions of that quote, that’s the one I like best.
Individuals can be committed to a particular cause connecting with the energy of that cause and find themselves realizing results that are beyond their initial expectations. Jesus Christ, Buddha and many others that did or didn’t get as much press had a commitment to love All things. Love is an intimate connection therefore they had an infinite connection to all things. This intimate Connection to all things increased their range of possibility within the infinite field of possibility that exists everywhere all at once.

The increased range of possibility plus their ability to activate people’s belief allowed them to accomplish things Beyond what the rest of us expect is possible.

So I sit here reflecting. Attempting to pull the good out of the darkness that is just beyond my light. For that is the expansion of my territory that I can give thanks for.